Background Story

Founder Maura Sheedy began Instagram account @makeuplessmaura (now @makemuse) when she was sixteen-years-old in her hometown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

One afternoon at the beginning of her junior year of high school during a conversation with friends about makeup, hair, and outfits for later the night, Maura could not help thinking about how much time, energy, and money are devoted to looking “perfect.” Then the idea hit her.

She announced, “Guys what if I went an entire year without makeup?”

A few days later, her blog-style Instagram account @makeuplessmaura was born.

During  her  year  without  makeup,  Maura  posted  daily  with  makeup-free  updates,  positive  encouragement,  rants  on  social  expectations  of  beauty,  natural  makeup  recipes,  even  filmed  interview  on  the  subject  of  makeup  and  real  beauty,  as  well  as  updates  on  her  own  experience  with  makeup  and  body  image.  Maura's  goal  became  to  dive  as  deep  into  the  issue  and  explore  all  sides. @makeuplessmaura  then  became  about  changing  the  face  of  the  beauty  industry  and  promoting  overall  self-acceptance.   The  account  had  the  goal  of  inspiring  people  to  reconsider  the  idea  that  beauty  is  only  associated  with  makeup  and  to  be  aware  of  the  flaws  of  the  beauty  industry.  


Today, Maura's experience living a a makeup-free year and updating her account @makeuplessmaura remains a defining period in her life. Her goal is to continue to reshape the way people think about beauty and inspire others to be confident in their skin, with or without makeup with her new initiatives on Make Muse (formerly MAKE by makeupless). As a feminist and go-getter, she hopes to now prove that ALL existing and emerging female expectations and standards- relating not just to beauty and body, but in business, leadership, activism, art, fashion, and more- must be challenged through her platform Make Muse.