100 Years of Women Artists Represented at Pasadena Museum of History


Throughout history, women’s art has largely gone unnoticed by the public. The new exhibit, Something Revealed: California Women Artists Emerge, 1860-1960, tackles this issue. The exhibit features work from artists who worked as professionals in California for at least fifteen years. Curators aim to expand audience’s views on female artists who were underrepresented in all different mediums. Artworks range from landscape nature to avant-garde approaches. Each piece reveals a unique story of the artist and the achievements they reached in a male dominated society.

For Further Reading:

The exhibit will be on display September 29 - March 31 at the Pasadena Museum of History. Read on to learn more about the goals and artists of the exhibit.

Discussion Question:

While there is still under representation of women artists today?o you believe we moved in a positive direction in the past 50 years?


Action Item:

Talk to an older family member or mentor who identifies as a women. Ask them challenges they faced in their careers in a male-dominated world. See if they believe we are moving in a better path.


Read more on Whittier Daily News | Image: Mary Stevens, Yosemite, 1879. (Photo courtesy of Maurine St. Gaudens)