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105 Predation Blvd

105 Predation Blvd


On the avenue of dirty sidewalks and abandoned stores,

Invasive smells of rotting piss live on First Street.

Where hungry men let their morality rot senselessly

and dare to use this block as their hunting ground.

Every morning, I walk a linear path to somewhere

On an unparalleled, decaying terrain.

I start my stroll with a long sigh,

Attempt to exhale the doubts in my mind

that weigh down each footstep like gravity.

Dream of escape routes that take me to safety,

Repress the memories of predators

that threaten to love every inch of me.

Safely, my mind becomes my own escape route.

The secret tunnel of a vague, lawless daydream

Subtly overlooking a hell-bound tightrope.

But, somehow the piercing car alarms

Secure my feet on the ground and force

A watchful eye to the cemented nightmare

That robs me of my naivety time and time again...

On rocky roads, I painfully recall the

Predators that pounce on the fragile.

When innocent prey appears from a distance,

Some slow down their cars to follow,

Others call me anything but my name.

Many pierce my ears with the sudden sound

Of a raging car alarm on the prowl,

Ready to point their lustful trigger

Through the inside of my clothes.

—When in the event of a battle,

Soldiers must prepare their armor;

Lock their guns and secure their ammo;

Because without caution,  

their bodies will decay among the masses—

On the weekday stroll I couldn’t avoid,

I attempt to secure my uncertain fate.

With my own set of weapons,

Cling onto tiny bottles of pepper spray;

Plan a secret escape route;

That will somehow lead me to safety.

I stare at the empty blocks

To await the uncertainty of my own fate.

But in present time,

I march on with the colorful sounds

Of my own harmony

Distract myself from carnivorous streets

With soothing sounds of a symphony





Author: Heidi Perez

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