13 Things I Am Really, Really Good At

13 things I am really, really good at.png

1. Being happy and sad at the same time as if that’s completely normal.

2. Managing to keep every inch of my body warm but having my hands ice cold.

3. Smelling sadness walking towards me from a considerable distance and saying “Hi” to it awkwardly as if I had no clue it was coming to meet me.

4. Making my weirdest imagination cross boundaries without any acceptable passport and terrorising intuition with the weirdest reality.

5. Letting smells remind me of feelings that don’t support any audio visual format to run memories on my mind.

6. Forgiving people for mistreating and “under-treating” me without their apology being faxed to my heart.

7. Letting people stay on my mind for as long as they want without me demanding any explainable rent.

8. Making things complicated at every party my heart is invited to by bringing along my feelings which get drunk with even the first shot of emotions.

9. Letting motivation ooze out of my soul without it touching my body and kissing minds of people I wish would become successful.

10. Crying abruptly and unapologetically at any place and in front of anyone, sometimes even with no traceable reason.

11. Putting my personalised philosophy in places that demand logical explanation and letting it make me believe that I am too wise for my age.

12. Forgetting the password to access my bank account, but remembering things like the moment three years back when a stranger held the door for me.

13. Making lists that cover everything in an attempt to organise my thoughts and to make me calm even after knowing the mess of my heart is the essence of my beauty and I must let my unapologetic mind run naked on the paper.


Author: Manchit Sachdeva