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J. Crew Feminist Tee + More

J. Crew Feminist Tee + More

J.Crew's Feminist Kids Tee Sparks Mixed Reviews


J.Crew recently launched a collaboration with prinkshop, a brand that creates political and activist-themed apparel. J.Crew fans, however, were upset that the company had assigned a political ideology and "leftist virtues" on children's clothing. Parents worry that that involving their child in a political game when they do not know what they represent makes them "tokens" of their parents. Proceeds of the now marked-down t-shirt will benefit Girl Up. 

Pimples: The Hot Accessory of 2018

With the increased exposure of non-retouched and bare-faced models, a nationwide conversation is brewing about embracing skin imperfections. Finally, Gen Z, Millenials, and even celebrities such as SZA and Justin Bieber are fighting traditional advertising practices and using social media to speak out about how acne is normal, and even beautiful.

Image: Kjerstin_Michaela/Pixabay

The Power of Red Lipstick

Sarah Sophie Flicker, a feminist activist, believes that it’s up to every individual to wade through the connection between beauty and feminism. To her, beauty and feminism is not in conflict when women choose to present themselves in ways they feel confident.

Image: Glamour

The Dangerous Juxtaposition Between Self-Love and Lack of Self-Esteem

Instead of continuing to sell products to solve women’s insecurities, beauty companies have decided to monetize on the new trend of “self love”. This new and deceptive way of advertising can be seen within campaigns such as Covergirl’s #GirlsCan movement or Dove’s #RealBeauty pitch. Since the beauty industry is valued at around 445 billion, companies have shifted to products that “help promote self love” and showcase consumers’ “true beauty." However, these practices are just as manipulative as their predecessors.

Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/GETTY IMAGE

Artists Are Now Using Instagram to Break Societal Standards

The newest anti-establishment Instagram trend involves a lot of makeup, prosthetics, and artistry. Sick of “perfect” and heavily edited selfies and pictures, artists have taken to Instagram to break standards and showcase their wildest looks.  

Image:  Beauty Papers

Average American Woman Not

Represented in Fashion

While the fashion industry has taken a step towards inclusivity by featuring plus-size models, there is still a lack of representation of average women in the fashion industry.

Image: Katie Willcox/Brit + Co

For Those With Dreams of Nutcrackers and Ballerina Princesses

For Those With Dreams of Nutcrackers and Ballerina Princesses

Sexual Awakening - How We Reclaim Truth