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 Childcare for Female Candidates + More

Childcare for Female Candidates + More

Federal Election Commission Allows Campaign Funds to be Used for Childcare Expenses

Liuba Gretchen Shirley, New York congressional candidate, won unanimous approval from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to use campaign funds for childcare expenses. When considering a run, her biggest obstacle was obtaining care for her two children, as a part-time nanny quickly proved insufficient and unaffordable. This FEC decision mitigates a significant obstacle for women in politics, but affordable childcare remains a barrier for women in other fields. 

Image: CBS

Behind the Flowers: The Activist History of Mother’s Day

Brunch, flowers, cards, and political activism? Although not commonly known, Mother’s Day originated from activism and political protests. Mother’s Day can be traced back to 1870 when Julia Ward Howe, poet and activist, wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation” calling for a “Mother’s Day for Peace” to end state-supported violence. This action continues to inspire modern groups such as Codepink, which has been leading national events on Mother’s Day since the early 2000s. While it is certainly a day for celebration, Mother’s Day holds much more meaning than it is known for.


Paulette Jordan Hopes to Become Idaho's First Native American Governor

 Democrat Paulette Jordan defies critics with her candidacy for Idaho governor. The 38-year-old Coeur d'Alene Native American woman cites her powerful female ancestors as motivation for her candidacy, asserting that "the opportunity for women is now." Idaho is an 80% white state with a history of voting Republican, but Jordan hopes to disrupt this trend.

Image: CNN

How the #MeToo Movement Has Made the Podium Hers

This year is seeing a record number of women commencement speakers. Although the #MeToo movement is not the direct cause of the increased number of women speaking at prestigious graduation ceremonies, it has certainly influenced the decisions. This year women account for about 60% of the speakers at 25 of the schools with the largest endowments. Speakers include women from a range of fields such as business, art, politics, athletics, and more.

Image: Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

Female Politicians and Candidates Face Rampant Online Harassment 

When running for political office, women often face the added challenge of navigating online harassment and stalking. Incessant, sexist, and sometimes threatening messages are used by opponents as a tactic to deter women from running. Women have increasingly publicized such messages to draw attention to this issue. 

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Dina Brawer Becomes Britain’s First Orthodox Female Rabbi

Dina Brawer, the founder of the United Kingdom’s branch of the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (JOFA), recently became Britain’s first Orthodox female rabbi. The graduation ceremony will take place in June at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale in Bronx, New York. Brawer, in response to Jewish News, commented “I wanted to be a role model to women and girls in the community, to show this is not something only possible as a man… Young girls should become anything they want.”

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Emma Cline's 'The Girls'  Explores the Ways that Female Vulnerability Can Be Dangerous and Exploitable

Emma Cline's 'The Girls' Explores the Ways that Female Vulnerability Can Be Dangerous and Exploitable

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