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Heels No Longer Needed + More

Heels No Longer Needed + More

Kick Off Your Heels, Ladies!

Many times, wearing high heels is an unwritten rule for women. However, empowerment comes from confidence and comfort. When it comes to shoes, choose whatever feels good!

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Is 2018 the Year of BOPO?


Social media has pushed the body positivity conversation into the spotlight and has given consumers the platform to call out brands for not including different sizes, gender identities, and races in their campaigns. Since then, brands have listened, launching numerous products that are more inclusive and diverse. A few notable examples include Fenty Beauty and ASOS.

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Chick Habit Apparel Incorporates Feminist Ideology Into Its Mission and Clothing

Chick Habit was started by Annie Carlson and Sonora Goldman in 2016. The brand was a way for the pair to creatively express their concerns and outrage about the future of women’s rights. The company embroiders unique feminist imagery onto thrifted clothing and donates 10% of the profit to Planned Parenthood.

Say “Yes” with Swarovski

Fashion jewellery brand Swarovski has continued its celebration of women by Introducing a whole new host of regional ambassadors. These new faces will be working alongside Swarovski to tell their inspiring Stories of Yes, encouraging women to embrace any challenges that they might face through adapting to change and finding the power to say yes.

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Demi Lovato’s Self-Esteem Tip for Instagram

Demi has been a strong advocate for body positivity and eating disorder awareness for years. She recently spoke out about fitspo Instagram accounts and how they do more harm than good. She stresses others to workout for themselves- not to look like someone else.


Indian UnderwearStartup Pushes Boundaries With New  Campaign

New underwear company, Tailor & Circus, made waves with their new campaign that promised real people as models. Tired of seeing hyper-sexualized underwear campaigns and realizing that most consumers are uncomfortable buying intimates, they decided to include approachable and inclusive photos in their advertisements.

Image: Tailor and Circus

Femvertising: Feminism for Sale

Willa Bennett: Generation Z Media Maker

Willa Bennett: Generation Z Media Maker