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Mental Health As a Female Student + More

Mental Health As a Female Student + More

The Story of a Young Girl’s Fight for Acceptance

Lakshita Anand paints a picture of the palpable sexual advances made against her as a female student, and how it negatively affected her mental health. After being humiliated, wrongly blamed, and continually harassed and assaulted, Lakshita’s mental health continued to plummet, ultimately affecting her reputation as a good student and inhibiting her relationships.

How Same-Sex Couples Divide Chores, and What It Reveals About Modern Parenting

When straight couples split household chores, the division often falls along the line of gender, while research shows same-sex couples sharing them more equally.  However, though gay and lesbian relationships still display more equality than their straight counterparts, when they have children, they begin to divide chores and roles along a gendered line.  This development shows how socioeconomic structures still assume there will be a breadwinner and a caretaker once children enter the picture, and how same-sex couples deal with the same difficult choices heterosexual couples do. That said, healthy communication about roles and responsibilities between partners shows a path to gender equality in the home.  

Image:  Jason Henry for The New York Times

Evangelical Women Rising to Defy and Define Tradition

After Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson made derogatory comments about women's bodies, divorce and domestic violence, evangelical women decided to take a stand.  These women for the most part believe in complementary gender roles, but are bristling at the male preacher’s remarks about women submitting to their husbands in every way possible; some believe that the Bible calls for "mutual submission" and rejects gendered inferiority. While Patterson's remarks show that “traditions” can be distorted for misogynist purposes, this movement of conservative women shows that the ideal of gender equity can cross religion and tradition.

How FitBit’s New Feature is Revolutionizing Female Health

FitBit’s newly-released feature, Female Health Tracking, is transforming the accessibility of health information for women. Available on the Versa and Iconic models, the new feature tracks your menstrual cycle and ovulation period, logging them into your profile and providing a more accurate look into the unique (but often frustrating) things that make up the anatomy of a woman.

Image: Filip Mroz on Unsplash

A Parent’s Quest to Cultivate Healthy Self-Image

A mother reflects on the ways to raise her daughter to have a healthy body image, amid the pressures social media presents.  When everyone around your child is self-objectifying, how can you give them the tools to go against the current? Preventing self-objectification should be a goal of feminist parenting, as well as raising one’s children to withstand (and call out) unrealistic expectations and media’s objectification of women.  

Image: Ascent / PKS Media Inc. / Getty Images

Sexual Violence Linked to Mental Health Issues in the NCAA

The NCAA released an article abridging the Sport Science Institute’s studies regarding sexual harassment and assault in college athletics, and its association with mental health issues. According to the article, women who reported sexual violence were significantly more likely to experience attributes of mental illness including hopelessness, depression, and suicidal thoughts, amongst others. These statistics alone comprise a staggering 32% increase in mental health-related issues from those who did not report sexual violence of any kind, manifesting the relationship between the two.

Image: Scott Webb on Unsplash

 Harvey Weinstein to be Arrested + More

Harvey Weinstein to be Arrested + More

Going to an All-Girls High School Doesn't Mean You're a Lesbian or WASP

Going to an All-Girls High School Doesn't Mean You're a Lesbian or WASP