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Fashion is Women-Supported but Male-Run + More

Fashion is Women-Supported but Male-Run + More

Why the "Glass Ceiling" Needs To Be Shattered

Women spend more than triple what men do on clothing but have just a small slice of the top jobs in fashion. We say not OK. Glamour and the Council of Fashion Designers of America have partnered to find out why disparities in the industry exist—and how to shatter them.

Image: Glamour

What Parents Can Do To Combat Instagram’s Perfection Illusion


According to Rachel Simmons it is important to “use social media to become a part of something bigger than yourself rather than making yourself bigger”. This is a concept, journalist, Laura Clydesdale, is trying to teach her daughter. After watching her daughter scroll through Instagram comparing herself to friends and models, Clydesdale knew an intervention needed to happen. Read more about Clydesdale’s advice here.

Image: Ben Weber on Unsplash

Another Attempt To Shame Plus-Sized Models Has Been Quickly Shut Down By Tess Holliday

A new photo editing app by Google, PIP CAM - Photo Maker, used photos of plus-size models without their approval to show the application’s features to slim women in photos. Tess Holliday, a model featured in PIP CAM’s campaign,  publicly announced that she had nothing to do with this marketing tactic and she finds it appalling that an application like it would be developed. “You are enough. You are worthy of love in your current body, whatever that body looks like,” Tess Holliday.

Image: @tessholliday on Instagram  

The Push to Make the Miss America Pageant Feminist

Often when we think of the Miss America Pageant we are quick to visualize girls parading around in swimsuits as male judges critique them on their looks. However, great strides have been made to modernize this awards show, beginning with having an all-female judging panel, a more holistic review of candidates and their ambitions, and even changing swimwear to “active wear.”

Image: Getty Images

GirlCove: A Feminist Fashion Website Magazine

GirlCove was started by Hanna Nicholls, Dina Lobo and Marielle Nicol to empower women. The website highlight self-love, feminspendingism, and fashion. While mainstream magazines cater more to the male gaze, they stand for topics for women by women.


Demi Lovato Partners Up With Fabletics for ANOTHER Body Positive Collection

Fabletics' mission is to empower women by making a healthy, active lifestyle accessible to everyone regardless of size, shape, age or ability. The new Demi Lovato for Fabletics collection reinforces their shared commitment to inclusion, female empowerment, inclusivity and body positivity. 

Image: Fabletics

 Menstruation Education + More

Menstruation Education + More

My Grandmother Taught Me My First Lesson in Feminism

My Grandmother Taught Me My First Lesson in Feminism