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Abortion in Northern Ireland + More

Abortion in Northern Ireland + More

Theresa May's Feminism is Tested By the Issue of Abortion

The U.K. Labour Party, particularly Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti, has challenged Prime Minister Theresa May to prove she is a feminist--a label she embraces--by backing reform of Northern Ireland's abortion law. In the wake of Ireland's historic referendum, politicians have placed increased pressure on May to liberalize Northern Ireland's restrictive abortion laws. Abortion is only legal in Northern Ireland if the pregnancy poses a serious threat to the woman's life or health, which is more restrictive than the laws in the rest of the U.K. 

Image: Evening Standard

“Who Run the World?” Women of Color in Elections

Shirley Chisholm once said, “At present, our country needs women’s idealism and determination, perhaps more in politics than anywhere else.” While only in primary season, there is great potential to elect a monumental number of women to office in this upcoming midterm election. This remarkable number of women, especially women of color, running for office are key factors in possibly altering the U.S. political climate. Not only are women running for office but a large number of women voters are also being seen this season.

Image: Jessica McGowan

New Japanese Law Aims to Increase Gender Parity in Government

A new Japanese law aims to close the gap between male and female political candidates, prompting political parties to aim for gender parity in candidates for both local and national elections. Currently, only 10% of the Lower House legislators are women, making Japan 158 out of 193 countries regarding female representation in parliament. Such representation is important because women prioritize issues like gender equality and family affairs, which are often dismissed by male legislators. 

Image: NHK Japan

Women’s Rights Activists Identified As ‘Traitors’   

Saudi Arabia’s women’s driving ban is soon to be lifted; however, 11 women’s rights activists, many who have advocated for women’s driving rights, have been arrested. Those who have been arrested are being labeled “traitors” by the pro-government media. These arrests threaten to cloud the “liberal” image of the crown prince, but lifting the driving ban is still set for June 24th.

Image: Bandar Algaloud—Saudi Kingdom Council/Getty Images

10 Women Political Leaders Running the World 

From more prominent figures like Angela Merkel to less well-known but equally important leaders like Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, woman have gained political office across the world in recent years. These women leaders have sparked change and progress in their respective countries. This list of 10 powerful women leaders provides background information on these notable names. .

Image: Rajan Sharma

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