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Wild Feminist Apparel + More

Wild Feminist Apparel + More

Walking With Attitude: Frumpy Shoes Are In!

Instead of choosing to wear shoes that are feminine and cumbersome, women are choosing Frumpy shoes (shoes in favor of comfort and mobility that are minimally feminine, and clunky to an anti fashion-type effect). These shoes sends the message that women are making decisions best for themselves and not for delivering what is expected of them. This trend makes the bold statement and empowers women through the rebellion nature of it. The growing sense of feminism: Intelligence, practicality and health all tie back to feminist ideals inspired many female designers to design shoes not to please the male gaze but for comfort.


Celebrities Have Feelings Too

Men and women alike are quick to judge female celebrities, often publicly shaming them for cosmetic treatments like Botox or injections. However, celebrities are not immune to these criticisms. In this article Sandra Bullock explains how much it hurts to be under scrutiny constantly, and how non-celebrities need to stop tearing stars apart.

Image: Jeff Kravitz / Contributor/ Getty Images

Wildfang (Wild Feminist Apparel) is Coming to New York City

Wildfang, also known as "Wild Feminist" apparel,  is a fashion brand known for its androgynous designs. The brand started as an e-commerce store specializing suits, workwear and signature feminist apparel. Wildfang opened its first store in Portland, Oregon and is now opening its second location at Soho, Manhattan. The founder said they decided to open location in Soho because New York not only has its biggest online customer base, but also inspired many of their clothing designs.

Image: Wildfang/Biz Journal

Ashley Graham Unveils Swimsuits For All Campaign

Ashley Graham is an advocate for body-positivity. Graham promoted body positivity in her recent campaign for size-inclusive swimwear label, Swimsuits For All. During the photoshoot, she noticed paparazzi taking pictures. She decided to use those unretouched photos for her campaign, to remind women that they are "flawless" in their own right and that they already have the perfect beach body.

Image: InStyle

Rihanna’s New Lingerie Line Allows Women of All Sizes to Feel Sexy


Fans are more than prepared to drop their paychecks on Rihanna’s new Savage X Fenty lingerie line. With sizes larger than Victoria’s Secret or Journelle, consumers are predicting this drop to be a historic moment in size inclusivity in the fashion industry. After dropping her Fenty Foundation line last fall, Rihanna broke records bringing in revenue from black consumers- Will she break records again this May?

Image: @badgirlriri on Instagram

Aerie Real Role Models get REAL About Their Moms

In a special Mother’s Day themed interview with #AerieREAL Role Models: Yara Shahidi, Iskra Lawrence, and Aly Raisman, these inspiring women discuss important life lessons they learned from their mothers, what it means to be #AerieREAL, and more. 

Image: Aerie

Am I being TOO Emotional or Is It My Mental Health?

Am I being TOO Emotional or Is It My Mental Health?

Girl Talk

Girl Talk