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 I'm Not With Him + More

I'm Not With Him + More

This Girl Bites Back

Led by curator Christina Lee, Future Tenant’s “I’m Not With Him” exhibit explores feminist ideology in the “clap back” era. Originally focused on artist Katrina Majku’s cross stitching series, the exhibit has expanded to include other feminist artists whose work complement Majku’s themes of modern female identity and cultural subversion. With historical references, humor, and a biting narrative, “I’m Not With Him” hopes to represent the punchier, more aggressive side of feminism while giving a voice to modern women’s health, body, and identity issues. “I’m Not With Him” will be on display from June 1st to July 22nd at the Future Tenant in Pittsburgh, PA.

Image: CP photo by Annie Brewer

Actress Rose McGowan Wants to Confront Harvey Weinstein in Court

Actress Rose McGowan was one of the first who publicly accused disgraced Hollywood producer of sexual assault. McGowan has consistently been outspoken against Weinstein, publishing a book, Brave, and a TV Documentary, Citizen Rose, which present her experiences and her aggressive fight against injustice. In an investigation by the New Yorker, it was even discovered that Weinstein hired a team to surveil her, and she claims Weinstein framed her at an airport by putting illegal substances in her baggage. While the aftermath of the assault was traumatic, McGowan says she regrets none of it and would like nothing more than to "look him in the eye" and testify at his trial. 

Image: Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP

The Brooklyn Museum: Year of the Woman

After a year and a half of working to incorporate more ancient and modern female art exhibits, the Brooklyn Museum has acquired works from artists including Emma Amos, Beverly Buchanan, and Betty Tompkins. As a part of their “Year of Yes: Reimagining Feminism at the Brooklyn Museum” effort, the Brooklyn Museum has worked to build an extensive collection of feminist art addressing topics such as racial, gender, and sexual identity from female artists that have greatly contributed to modern culture. Although specific exhibitions are no longer open at the museum, a significant portion of the works collected can be viewed on the Brooklyn Museum website.

Image: Emma Amos, Flower Sniffer, 1966. COURTESY BROOKLYN MUSEUM

In New Film, The Tale, Director Jennifer Fox Reveals Her Own Struggle Through Memories of Her Trauma and Survival as a Child

Jennifer Fox's new film, The Tale, is a harrowing story of Fox's own survival. Laura Dern plays the director in her quest to understand her 13-year-old relationship with a man who is named Bill Allens in the film (a false name). When her mother finds a short story she wrote for English class titled, "The Tale," which delves into their relationship, she frantically calls her daughter to find the truth. As Jennifer (the character) returns home and sorts through her memories, the culture which allowed this to occur is painstakingly revealed. While the film is an artistic expression of Fox's personal experience of sorting through memories and understanding her trauma, it also reveals the changing landscape of how sexual abuse has been treated over time.

Image: Kyle Kaplan / HBO

Guerilla Feminism: Yesterday and Today

Women have long since been using collectivist creative methods to stand against patriarchy and sexism across the international community. In a new age of Guerilla feminism, it is important to reflect on the feminists of previous generations and their efforts to raise awareness of feminist issues throughout history. Forgotten collectivist artist movements such as The Serpent Sisters and their provocative graffiti and exhibitions provide inspiration for future generations as well as a testament to the influential power of the feminist artist.

The Misandrists, Bruce La Bruce's Newest Film, Presents Feminism as We've Never Seen It

Bruce La Bruce, founder of the Queercore Movement, has created a film focused on "Womancipation." It centers on women in a matriarchal environment, with one matriarch at the head. She teaches them radical gender theory and creates the Female Liberation Army, who film pornographic scenes among themselves to prove men are not necessarily needed for a women's pleasure.  a new film has a large female cast. In Hollywood, women's story are often not given focus, especially the stories of queer women. Having a movie focusing on their experience shows greater diversity and change in the film industry. The more radical vision which the film presents fits into a post Me Too culture.

Image: J.Jackie Baier / Cartilage Films

Sexual Awakening - How We Reclaim Truth

What Feminism Means to Me: A Network of Accomplices

What Feminism Means to Me: A Network of Accomplices