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My Sister's Clothing + More

My Sister's Clothing + More

My Sister: Feminist Clothing Line


This badass feminist clothing line knows what's going on in the world and is leading the pack. Every single item in My Sister's clothing line supports survivors of human trafficking, but the work doesn't stop there. This line speaks for itself.

Image: My Sister

Potentially the Downfall of Advertising?

In an interesting study conducted by Canada’s UBC Sauder School of Business, envy marketing practices were tested on customers with varying levels of self-esteem. The findings were the opposite of expected, instead of envy marketing (a tactic that advertisers use to target low self-esteem, and a consumers lack of something) persuading those with low self-esteem to purchase a product, it actually turned them off completely from the brand. Economist Darren Dahl argues that with the rise of social media influencers, whose main tactic is to instill a sense of jealousy in their followers, they are actually ruining brands’ equity and ability to make sales, something that can often be seen within the makeup/ luxury fashion industries.


What Kate Spade Meant For Women

The designer, who died at 55, built up a female-led lifestyle brand for women who had careers and families, and who didn’t think that clashed with wanting to look, simply put, pretty.


The Community Women of Color Need in 2018

Upset with the lack of representation and meaningful content within the beauty community, Deepica Mutyala, created the first-ever beauty empowerment community for women of color. Tinted aims to provide recognition for up and coming influencers, create a dialogue between marginalized communities, and form a safe space for women to embrace their unique identities.

Image: Photo courtesy of Deepica Mutyala

Mark your Calendars: Dietland is Hitting Screens Soon

A brand new show based on Sarai Walker’s best-selling novel, Dietland, delves into the life of Alicia “Plum” Kettle, a woman struggling with body-positivity, misogyny, and rape culture. Walker’s feminist TV show couldn’t be released sooner, within the midst of #MeToo, body positivity, and feminist movements, we are more than excited to binge this series as soon as it drops.

Image:  AMC

Is the Future of Fashion Gender Free?

Vogue talks to the creatives who are bringing an increasing fluidity to the way we dress—and tapping into a sustainable new business model for the fashion industry in the process..

Image: Rad Hourani

India’s Most Vulnerable Women

India’s Most Vulnerable Women

How Indiana Jones Helped Me Discover My Feminism

How Indiana Jones Helped Me Discover My Feminism