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Influencing Politics With Fashion + More

Influencing Politics With Fashion + More

How Frida Kahlo’s Fashion Influenced Mexican Politics


Frida Kahlo's heavy unibrow and technicolor clothes are as recognizable as her art. But, like her surreal portraits, Kahlo's fashion was also layered, heavy with meaning and political intention. Through her dress, she constructed an ethnic and political identity that spoke of the same duality found in her paintings, and sent a highly political statement of cultural identity, nationalism, and feminism.

Image: Nickolas Muray Photo Archives

Saggy Boobs and Self Acceptance

After facing years struggling with self-confidence, Chidera Eggerue launched #Saggyboobsmatter, a new campaign focused on accepting your boobs, even if they have lost elasticity due to aging or breastfeeding. This campaign is unique because it has yet to be addressed by the media, Eggerue has been able to grow a supportive community using her own struggles as content and inspiration for viewers.

Image: @theslumflower on Instagram

Happy Beauty Week from Vice!

Thanks to rising popularity of Instagram, new brands, new trends, and new models are surfacing. Vice kicks off Beauty Week 2018 by speaking about the growing popularity of gender fluidity in the makeup industry, new indie makeup brands, and wild makeup trends like wavy eyebrows and rainbow highlighters.

Image: Joe Robles on Unsplash

The Feminist Story of the Shirt Dress

Vogue magazine once declared the shirt dress “an American institution” and it is not without a point. Eighty years after Vogue’s pronouncement, the shirt dress is among the current season’s big trends. In addition to being versatile and functional, Halston’s Ultrasuede shirtdress, one of his best-selling designs, could be worn unapologetically in lieu of a suit.

Image: Henri Pham on Unsplash

How A Feminist Feels About the New Yeezy Ads

Marie Claire writer, Cady Drell, expresses her feeling about ads for Kanye West's clothing line from a feminist point of view. Drell has mixed feeling about these ads. Although the ads are diverse, as a feminist, she cannot be sure as to whether the nudity is the celebration of female body or exploitive imagery catered to male gaze.

Image:  AMC

The Mirror Challenge is a Must Watch


When she’s not flying across the world booking modeling jobs, running her wildly successful Youtube and Instagram accounts, and filming for Everybody With Iskra, Iskra Lawrence is in the middle of creating her own Facebook show. The Mirror Challenge is a series with the mission to teach viewers and those featured on the show self-confidence and to see the value in themselves.

Image: Rad Hourani

Gifted Until Proven Average

Gifted Until Proven Average

Larissa May: Founder of #HalftheStory

Larissa May: Founder of #HalftheStory