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 Progress for Argentinian Women + More

Progress for Argentinian Women + More

Argentina Decriminalizes Abortion Signaling Progress For Women’s Rights

Under current circumstances, abortion in Argentina is illegal and exceptions are rarely granted; however, in a landmark decision, Argentina’s parliament vote of 129 to 125 has decriminalized abortion. With six previous attempts to legalize abortion in Argentina, the new law legalizes elective abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy and longer in cases of health risks or rape. Outside of the National Congress in Buenos Aires women were seen sporting green scarves- the symbol for the legal abortion campaign.

Image: EPA

Two Women Face Off in #MeToo-Sparked Minnesota Senate Race

As the #MeToo movement brings sexual assault and misconduct allegations to light in all spheres of society, including government, Democrat Tina Smith and Republican Karin Housley compete for a seat vacated due to those same allegations. These two women are running for Al Franken's former Minnesota Senate seat, from which he resigned after facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

Image: The Associated Press

Seeking Tranquility: How SHALVA Returns the Power to Victims of Abuse

SHALVA, the first independent Jewish domestic violence agency in the country, aims to provide women with tranquility and safety in their home and relationships. The program advocates for the understanding of domestic violence, domestic abuse, and intimate partner violence and emphasizes that domestic violence can occur at all economic levels of Judaism. SHALVA also provides counseling services to connect women with therapists through their crisis hotline.



UK Government Refuses to Reform Northern Ireland's Abortion Law

A Northern Ireland Office document leaked to the media reveals that the UK Government has no plans to take action to reform abortion law in Northern Ireland. Instead, the government has deferred to Northern Ireland's politicians to sort out the issue. This lack of action demonstrates an unwillingness to help women who have faced severe harm due to Northern Ireland's near total abortion ban. 

Image: Amnesty Internatinoal

More Women, Less Corruption in Government

Corruption is lower in countries where there is a higher number of women in parliament, according to a study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Researchers Chandan Jha and Sudipta Sarangi discovered that bribes are less necessary in European regions with greater representation of women in local politics. The researchers have speculated that "women policymakers are able to have an impact on corruption because they choose different policies from men... policies that are more closely related to the welfare of women, children, and family." 

GirlUp High School Club Members Raising Their Voices For Female Education

GirlUp, a campaign under the United Nations Foundation, has various chapters across the world. GirlUp works to advocate for the education of girls in developing countries. At Brookline High School in Massachusetts, club members are recognizing their privilege and resources available to them to help others. Through various fundraisers and discussions the students are able to create a deeper understanding of the importance of education for females worldwide.  

MissHeard Media is About Putting Girls in their Rightful Place in History

MissHeard Media is About Putting Girls in their Rightful Place in History

Two Bedroom Apartment

Two Bedroom Apartment