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I Really Care + More

I Really Care + More

"I Really Do Care, Don't You?"


On her way to visit facilities on the Texas border that are holding children who have recently attempted to cross the border, Melania Trump wore a jacket with the words “I really don’t care, do U?” written across the back. Socially conscious feminist fashion brand Wildfang is now turning that “I really don’t care” message into an “I really care” message with a whole new collection with 100% of proceeds going to Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

Image: Wildfang

How Social Media Impacts How We View Black Women

The way society views beauty in the black community comes from years of social media usage and outdated perceptions. In order to view dark and light-skinned women the same, author Alisha Acquaye argues that we need to stop comparing photos of black women helping each other to servants and instead to loving exchanges.

Image: @nathanielwood on Instagram

Blume is Changing How We View Puberty

When young girls approach puberty, they are taught to be ashamed of their bodies - that they need to shave their legs, wear modest clothing, cross their legs, etc. Sick of how this teaches girls to have low-self esteem from the get-go, Bunny and Tarana launched Blume, a monthly subscription box for tampons and self-esteem advice for adolescent girls and their parents. This box is aimed to spark a dialogue between parents and their children as they enter this new and sometimes awkward stage in their lives.

Image: Blume.

Future POTUS Tees

Michelle Smith is co-founder and creative director of fashion label Milly. As a feminist fashion designer, she gave away “Steinem AF” tees (an ode to feminist and social political activist Gloria Steinem) as a partnership with Planned Parenthood. This time, she partnered up with Girls Inc. — a nonprofit supporting girls from ages 6 to 18. The mission is to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold- and that’s exactly how she wants the woman wearing Milly to feel.

Image: Milly

Diet Culture: A Lie

Instead of getting angry when learning that photos of herself were being stolen and used in weight loss advertisements without her consent, Megan Crabbe (frequently known as @BodiPosiPanda) used it as a way to teach her followers how the diet industry is a scam. Crabbe preaches that she never was happy at her lowest weight, and losing a ton of weight is never going to make a person instantly happy - confidence and self-love comes from within.

Image:  @bodyposipanda on Instagram

Victoria Beckham on Girl Power


Victoria Beckham, the founder and creative director of Victoria Beckham Ltd., incorporated female empowerment, fashion, and feminism in her company. She strives to create clothing that are easy to wear and  brings confidence to the women who wear them. She also helps bring gender equality by actively ensuring that her company hires female leaders and that companies she works with, like Reebok, also have women in positions of power.

Image: Julia Ferrier/Forbes

X’s: The Blank Space

X’s: The Blank Space

Sexism in China: Problems and Solutions from a Chines-American Feminist

Sexism in China: Problems and Solutions from a Chines-American Feminist