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 #ThriveOver35 + More

#ThriveOver35 + More

Trans Women of Color Aim To #ThriveOver35

As trans women of color approach their 34th birthday, it becomes a time of uncertainty instead of celebration as the average life expectancy for a transgender woman of color is 35 years of age mainly due to violence. On her 34th birthday, Ashlee Marie Preston, a media personality and civil rights activist, launched the #ThriveOver35 Campaign. This campaign is intended to inspire positivity and empower black and brown trans women to celebrate their existence.

Image: Ashlee Marie Preston

Exploring the Relationship Between the Justice System and Black America: How South Fulton is Leading the Way

When LaDawn “LBJ” Jones, the city solicitor for South Fulton, Georgia, walked into a meeting with the city’s municipal court staff, she was greeted entirely by a room that looked like her for the first time. In South Fulton, Georgia, where the population is close to 90% black, the criminal justice is led entirely by black women. Although not pre-planned, this occurrence shows possible progress for the relationship between black America and the justice system.  

Image: Reginald Duncan

Melania Trump and the Undefined Role of First Ladies

Melania Trump has been criticized for wearing a jacket printed with the words "I really don't care, do u?" while visiting a child migrant shelter. First ladies are often scrutinized by the public and the media, especially because their responsibilities are very loosely defined and open to interpretation. From political campaigning to advising on social causes to playing ceremonial roles, first ladies have assumed many different duties depending on the climate of the country and their own personal interests. 

Image: Jim Watson/AFP/Gett


Female Drivers Are Now Allowed But Female Activists Are Not

June 25th, 2018 marked the end of Saudi Arabia’s women’s driving ban. The lifting of the ban was greeted with celebration such as music and, in some cities, traffic police gifting women flowers. However, despite this progressive step, Saudi activists who were arrested and labeled “traitors” are still in jail. A new campaign calls for releasing the jailed activists and ending the male guardianship system.

Image: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Why Don't Republicans Elect As Many Women As Democrats Do? 

This year, 250 Democratic women and 118 Republican women have filed to run for the House of Representatives, but 105 Democratic women and only 25 Republican women have won primaries. Almost three times as many Democratic women as Republican women serve in Congress, a gap which could widen even further as November's elections will likely produce more Democratic Congresswomen and end the careers of several Republican female incumbents. But what has caused this disparity?


Single Mother and Business Owner Katie Wilson Runs for Congress

Katie Wilson is a single mother with two young children who said President Trump's election compelled her to run for Congress as a Democrat in New York. Wilson wants to bring more "average" voices into government, people who have experienced difficulties such as financial pressure or the stress of raising children. “I live a precarious financial existence, I’m a single mom, I’m not the kind of person who runs for Congress. And everyone said, 'well, that’s why you should do it,'” Wilson said.


Image: ABC News

Why I Am More Worried Than Excited for My Sister to Go to College

Why I Am More Worried Than Excited for My Sister to Go to College

Prom Night & The Importance of Civic Engagement

Prom Night & The Importance of Civic Engagement