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Sexual Harassment at 11 + More

Sexual Harassment at 11 + More

How Society’s Reactions to Female Puberty are Affecting Young Girls

Cindy Lamothe remarks about the first time a grown man looked at her in a sexual way - at the ripe age of 11. What Cindy and other young girls experience due to their early development puts them at risk for psychological problems - with girls reaching puberty at the average age of 9, the average age to be sexually harassed has consequently decreased.

Love is Love- Unless You're Not Heterosexual

Kids in the foster care system deserve loving homes, and whether their parents are straight or not should not impede their adoption. Anti-LGBTQ advocates are infiltrating child-placement agencies and the government to overturn hard-won protections for same-sex couples and their families. The bond of all families must be treated as sacred- and adoption should be seen as a joyful phenomenon, rather than a political battleground.

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This All-Female Gym Group is Seeking to Improve Women’s Health

The Self Care Sisterhood is an all-female gym group located in Newcastle, Australia. Created by Chloe Semenya, a personal trainer herself, the group seeks to help women regain their mental strength through fitness. “Rather than taking out of their self care cup by saying ‘You need to lose weight’, we add to the cup, showing them that turning up is the biggest victory and encouraging them from there,” said Semenya.

Image: Chloe Semenyna

A New Social Network App Connects Moms

Created to fill the gap between moms who often feel alone in their fears and anxieties while parenting, "Peanut" provides them a way to connect.  Michelle Kennedy founded the app after becoming a mother herself, with the name "Peanut" inspired by what she called her baby bump. It is vital that mothers have a place to commiserate and ask each other questions, as it makes everyone feel less overwhelmed and helps them to realize that every mother is figuring it out as she goes. 

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Gay Elders Foster LGBTQ Youth

Elderly adults who identify across the LGBTQ spectrum have been coming forward to foster queer youth, who are often the most marginalized in the foster system.  We should look to this kind of fostering as an example of feminist parenting, which must include being open to and caring for children who face marginalization.  At the same time, what these foster parents are doing is not only an act of love, it is part and parcel of activist outreach.


REI’s New Project is Connecting Women to the Outdoors

Recreational Equipment, Inc., or REI, recently initiated a new project to improve womens’ overall health using nature and the outdoors. The project, called Forces of Nature, was created after a study that found that more than 85 percent of women believe the outdoors positively affects their mental health, physical health, happiness and overall well-being.

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 The Oscars Academy Diversity Initiatives + More

The Oscars Academy Diversity Initiatives + More

Why I Am More Worried Than Excited for My Sister to Go to College

Why I Am More Worried Than Excited for My Sister to Go to College