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GOP Doubles Female Candidates + More

GOP Doubles Female Candidates + More

The Number of Female GOP Congressional Candidates Has Doubled 

The GOP has doubled its female congressional candidates, partially to combat accusations of gender imbalance. 103 Republican women are running for House seats this election cycle, 48 more candidates than the previous election. This sharp spike in female candidates is the result of a concentrated GOP recruitment effort. To retain their congressional majority, Republicans must perform better with women, and having more female candidates running for office could help with that.  

Image: Greg Nash

Teen Vogue Summit 2018: How Young Black Women are Changing the World  

The second annual Teen Vogue Summit took place in New York City from June 1st-3rd. This event fosters an environment for several days where people gather to attend lectures, workshops, and more on some of today’s most pressing social issues. From amongst those in attendance, several young black women were interviewed about their upcoming plans as well as their organizations and schooling.

Image: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Title: A "Concrete Floor" Could Help Women Break Glass Ceilings

To rectify the underrepresentation of women in government, a so-called concrete floor could help ensure women are appointed to positions of power. In addition to instituting quotas, personal pledges from leaders to appoint women to top positions have been shown to produce more balanced representation in government. Once one woman is appointed to a cabinet position, women's presence in top leadership increases sharply. 

The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Chicago Addresses #MeToo

Given the growing impact of the #MeToo Movement, the Jewish Women’s Foundation (JWF) of Metropolitan Chicago has publicly committed to a yearlong effort to create positive change within the Jewish community. As a first step, the JWF the CEO of Jewish Women International, Loribeth Weinstein, to address a committee on advocacy in April. Weinstein believes that before the solution to any problem may be found, ongoing conversation is crucial.  

Image: Jewish Women International.

Bill Clinton Gets Defensive When Asked to Reckon With His Actions in Light of the #MeToo Movemen  

When former President Bill Clinton was asked how his relationship with Monica Lewinsky has impacted conversations around sexual harassment, particularly power imbalances and disproportionate blame placed upon women, he responded defensively. He used the fact that he paid a monetary debt, implemented sexual-harassment policy as governor, and appointed women to positions of power as defense of his feminist credentials. However, Bill Clinton's inappropriate behavior has faced legitimate scrutiny because it occurred after cultural perceptions and laws surrounding sexual harassment had changed. Due to power imbalances, women in government or business are left dependent on men and asked much more frequently to police and react to their bad behavior.

Image: Bandar Algaloud—Saudi Kingdom Council/Getty Images

Period-Shaming During Ramadan: How Muslim Women Respond  

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is marked as a time of fasting for Muslims; however, certain people may be exempt from fasting. Women who are on their period are allowed to not fast, but many are facing the embarrassing question of “Why are you not fasting?” from their fellow peers. In a viral video, Erin Clegg, a Muslim woman from Virginia, explains the frustration faced by Muslim women when asked this question during this time.

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Advising Future Female Financiers + More

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