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 Unbound Banned on MTA + More

Unbound Banned on MTA + More

A New York City Ad Campaign is Calling Out the Disparities Between Male and Female Health

Unbound Babes, a women’s sexual and wellness company, recently submitted community designs based on the question: What does self love mean to you? The resulting images depict fully dressed women lounging by the bathtub, in bed, in a field of flowers - each subtly incorporating Unbound’s sex toy products. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) rejected the submissions despite the clear purpose of the campaign - to place health, pleasure and happiness at the fore.

Image: Unbound Babes

Choosing (or Not Choosing) Motherhood

Women artists—and women in general— often face guilt and stigma when choosing to consider their careers over potential for motherhood.  The choice presented between one’s art and having a baby can feel limiting on all sides, especially since artistry can require significant alone time.  Ultimately, partners and affordable child care can make an enormous difference in how domestic labor and child care is distributed.

Image: Netflix

Women Struggling to Receive Life-Saving Pap Smear Tests Due to Government Cuts

A proven method of detecting potentially cancerous processes in the cervix, Pap smear tests have saved the lives of countless women since their inception. With over half of the female population in the UK neglecting to receive Pap smear tests as a result of government funding cuts, thousands of women are being excluded from this arguably innate right.

Image: FSRH

Female Role Models Make Women Ask for More

A recent social experiment found that women exposed to strong female mentors were more likely to ask for and expect more out of their career.  This matters for salaries and raises, standards for workplace relationships, and goals for the future. Rather than subscribe to the idea that women always engage in toxic competition with one another, let's acknowledge the way women can mutually empower each other.

This Female Riot Grrrl Group is Tackling Female Mental Health With Music

NKamikaze Girls, an art-punk group based in the UK, is eliminating the stigma of mental health using “music as a means to challenge attitudes and taboos surrounding mental health.” Berlin, a song on their Seafoam album, captures the stigma of mental health candidly in the lyrics: “I lost myself/I stood to the back of the venue/And I worried about/My mental health.”

Image:  Girl, Interrupted

The Unmaking of an Incel

One former incel— or “involuntary celibate”— tells his story of how he came to the community of woman-hating white supremacists, and how he left.   A more recent outcrop, members of the incel community has engaged in acts of terrorism that have targeted women.  Initially defined by the subject as a “support group” where men can discuss their loneliness, he advocated for the stripping of misogynistic content from incel forums.  Ultimately, he found that talking with adults outside of the incel community allowed him to see a path forward. 


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