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A Yacht Sailing for Girl's Education

A Yacht Sailing for Girl's Education

Sailing Worldwide to Promote Girls’ Education

The first all-female crew to sail around the world reunited today for the first time in 30 years in London to launch a campaign advocating for girls’ education. One of the crewmembers, Ms. Edwards, recalled with pride, “Our accomplishment reached beyond the world of sailing—showing that with the right support and plenty of belief, women can do anything.” Now, their boat, called the Maiden, will begin a three-year world tour raising funds for female education, working with organizations such as I Am Girl and The Girls’ Network.  The Maiden Factor Foundation is the main charity that will receive the proceeds from the yacht’s fundraising activities, and it aims to help girls achieve universal access to 12 years of quality education. 

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Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards Female Entrepreneurs


The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards were created in 2006 to reward female entrepreneurs who are “leading innovative, financially sustainable, socially responsible start-ups that help solve contemporary global challenges.”  Applications are received from all over the globe including Latin America, North America, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. Each winner receives not only $100,000 in funding, but also business coaching, mentoring and education.  Finalists are chosen based on their entrepreneurial experience and dedication to supporting women entrepreneurs in sectors such as environmental, technology and education industries.

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Girls’ Uniform Skirts Replaced by Trousers

A recent analysis of uniform policies in England show that at least 40 secondary schools have shifted from skirts to trousers as a way to cater for transgender pupils. Some schools say that skirts are “undignified and embarrassing” if girls sat on the floor for assembly, and others respond that a ban on skirts is “sexualizing” students’ bodies. Other critics argue that true freedom means students can either wear trousers or skirts. In Japan, more schools are implementing unisex uniforms or flexible codes to support transgender students as well. 

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Women Confronted by High Pension Gap

Women’s financial power will remain limited until issues causing the gender pension gap are rectified.  It has long been said that women’s pensions take a significant hit due to the female need to take career breaks because of motherhood and other caring commitments.  The failures of many companies to recognize that maternity leave should not be cause to take a pay cut or lower pension needs to be addressed if companies hope to attract more women and solve the financial problems that these women encounter when trying to balance both motherhood and a career.  

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G4G Address Daughters' and Mothers' Education

The Girls for Girls (G4G) Initiative, created by UNICEF is being implemented in Northern Nigeria to help girls remain in school and also improve their educational achievements. Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and Culture, commended UNICEF for creating visibility for development issues regarding girl child education in Nigeria. The initiative is also notable for educating not only the girl child but also her mother, as it is far more likely for the girl to go to school if she has an educated parent. 

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Women in Finance and Tech Need Mentors

Studies show that companies are more likely to have greater financial returns if they implement more gender diversity in hiring and recruitment.  However, the numbers of female financial planners, as well as female engineers remain under 30%. Surveys consistently report that company's’ success in the finance and technology industry is more likely with hiring of diverse employees.  Not only it is vital to attract more women and people of color to such underrepresented fields, but it is also necessary to retain them. But how? The answer: proper mentorship.

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Moms Demand Action

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