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Billie Normalizes Body Hair

Billie Normalizes Body Hair

Who Needs To Shave Anyway?

Billie is a new body-positive subscription razor service targeted towards women. Their advertisements are the first of their kind to feature women actually using the razors to shave off hair, showing armpits, legs, and stomachs full of fuzz. Billie’s goal isn’t only to sell razors, but to normalize body hair on women if they choose not to remove it.

Image: Billie

Wildfang Helped Raise $250,000 for RAICES 

In response to First Lady, Melania Trump’s “I really don’t care, do u?” jacket, feminist fashion brand Wildfang decided to respond by launching its own merchandise with the words “I really care, don’t u?” written on the back. Wildfang has donated100 percent of the proceeds from sales of these jackets to the non-profit organization RAICES, which provides free legal services to immigrants and refugees. The brand revealed that it has raised around $250,000 for the organization and plans to continue to raise more.

Image: The Independent

Feminist Teen Creates Cheeky Chic Boutique

Feminist ideals and a passion for fashion led East London teen Jessica Sanders to start up her Cheeky Chic Boutique, a pop-up shop offering feminist printed t-shirts and custom hand-painted and decorated denim jackets for women. Born out of Jessica’s creativity, the prints, patterns, and designs for both the t-shirts and jackets are all about girl power, showcasing a cheeky, quirky and unique style.

Image: Madeleine Chaput

A Makeup Line Named Flesh...  

Revlon is excited to announce their first high-end makeup brand, Flesh, expected to hit stores this fall. Why name a makeup line Flesh? To redefine what the word “flesh” is associated with, instead of the initial thought of pale peachy skin color, flesh is meant to encompass all skin tones. Flesh will be launching a 40 shade range for their most-anticipated product, foundation sticks.

Image: Flesh

Reflections on Body Positivity

This beautiful essay pushes us to think more about body-positivity and the effects it has on our lifestyle. Author, Lindy West, reflects on negative advertising, diet culture, and her own personal pursuits to lose weight. West stresses this is not the end of the bo-po movement, but only the beginning.

Image: Getty / Tara Moore; Design / Morgan Johnson

Feminist Presents That Make A Difference

It's easier than ever to give a gift with a dual purpose. Shops are bulging with clothes, books, knick-knacks, and other items that express solidarity and female power or contribute to progressive causes. If your social justice-minded BFF has another turn around the sun coming up, these feminist birthday present ideas can not only make them happy, but also do a little good in an increasingly bad-seeming world.

Image: Literary Empowerium/Etsy

You Should Smile More: A Sad Cliché

You Should Smile More: A Sad Cliché

Work in Progress: Working at a Sexist Bakery vs. Interning at the Feminist Press

Work in Progress: Working at a Sexist Bakery vs. Interning at the Feminist Press