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Spotify Lacks Female Artists + More

Spotify Lacks Female Artists + More

Spotify's Shocking Lack of Female Artists Highlighted Combatted with Misguided Move

Spotify's top playlists, both algorithmic and curated, present a shocking disparity of men over women. Baffler tracked one of the top curated playlists of 2017, RapCaviar, where in an entire month, there was only one song by a female artist represented. While efforts have been made to "equalize" the platform, their newest effort is a "Women Of" set of playlists. Baffler commented on this move as promoting the idea that "gender is genre," and their following (as well as their promotion) have been slim compared to the existing playlists.

Image:Rich Polk/Getty Images

Latin American Women Own New Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

123 women's work representative of 15 Latin American country will be on display for the “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960-1985” exhibit that was curated by Cecilia Fajardo-Hill and Andrea Giunta. The exhibits hopes to highlight diverse works from women who all deserve their own exhibits, yet are generally unheard of.  The 25 year time range that the exhibit focuses on contrasts "social upheaval" and "significant new approaches to art making" of this era. 

Image: Untitled (Self-portrait with square) by Liliana Porter.

Amy Baer Voted New President of the Board for Women in Film

The non-profit Women in Film, founded in 1973, is shifting leadership as 8-year president Cathy Schulman will be succeeded by top studio executive Amy Baer. Baer began her career in entertainment in 1988. In 2007, she became CEO of CBS films and has now opened up her own production company, Gidden Media, whose film Mary Shelley, debuted on May 25th of this year. Baer has expressed that she understands the responsibility of the position in light of the 2018 #MeToo and Time's Up movements, and she hopes she can use her position to empower women to continue finding their voice and their power.


Girls Art Now! by Society6

Following the rough political climate in 2016, artists expressed their feelings through art and craft making. Many of these were shared on Society6, a website that turns art into a variety of products. Members of the Society6 team felt that this change in use of their platform demanded a larger conversation. Girls Art Now!, as a result, will feature panels, an art show, live music, and comedy entertainment to serve as a day-long event to discuss the female artist in 2018. Proceeds from the event will benefit Planned Parenthood.

Image: Andrea Nakhla

Sexual Harassment and Pay Inequality Prevalent for Craftswomen in Hollywood, yet Overlooked

A new study reports on an often unconsidered element of the film industry by the public, the craft departments, and finds that gender disparity, pay inequality, and sexual harassment are prevalent in these fields. While many of these fields are female-dominated, male counterparts and typically male-dominated departments are often paid more. The study particularly looked at the typically female departments of script supervisors, production coordinators, and art department coordinators and compared them to male-dominated jobs such as first or second assistant directors. 

Sarah Bahbah's Aesthetic: Female Vulnerability

Dark narratives. Subtitles. Savoring. Welcome to the world of photographer Sarah Bahbah's work. Featuring "troubled souls" who are "hurting internally", Bahbah's work features her signature subtitles to creative a "film-like narrative." Her latest work alludes to the sexual abuse she incurred. She hopes to "bring comfort to other women."

Image: Sarah Bahbah

Tia Korpe: Founder of Future Female Sounds

Tia Korpe: Founder of Future Female Sounds

Kate Spade's Tragic Suicide + More

Kate Spade's Tragic Suicide + More