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Aija Mayrock: Anti-Bullying Activist Gives a Voice to the Voiceless

Now the #1 bestselling author of The Survival Guide to Bullying: Written by a Teen, Aija asserts that she is “strong, determined, and vulnerable.” The adjectives bookending her sentence, “strong,” and “vulnerable,” might seem contradictory, but over the course of our conversation, Aija swiftly exhibited her multifaceted personality and explained how she finds courage in her weakest moments. Over the course of her teen years and blossoming career, Aija has successfully twisted her struggles into strength in order to save herself and others.

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Lina Fernandez: Young Activism Knows No Age

At seventeen years old, Lina Fernandez has used her voice to spread awareness about voting rights as well as protest anti-feminist policies in the United States. A Key West, Florida native of Cuban-American descent, she is currently a high school student in Homestead, FL. She has dedicated her time this year to spreading awareness about the 2018 midterm elections and voting rights

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It’s Complicated: Examining #MeToo and Feminism One Year Later

As a college student, I was immediately struck by the Avital Ronell incident. Coming from a university that boasts some of the world’s most elite academics, it is not difficult for me to imagine Reitman’s situation. In the same way that Harvey Weinstein convinced young actresses their careers were on the line if they refused his advances, powerful professors have an unbelievable hold over their students. That dynamic remains the same regardless of the victim’s gender identity.

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The Hidden Drain of Emotional Labour

I personally find that the more I talk about issues I am passionate about, ranging from gender equality to animal rights, the more people come to me with questions. We become known as spokespersons for our chosen fights, and that’s great when we have the energy and time. But what happens when this role becomes more than we can handle? How do we avoid being assigned the role of the world’s educator?

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The Power of the Petition

Activism doesn’t always have to mean attending a protest or a rally- and in fact, such a narrow definition of activism is limiting, exclusive and can be inaccessible to many people. Besides just geographical distance, not everyone can afford to take the weekend to march, even if the cause directly affects them. While showing up for such demonstrations is important, the Internet has made activism much more accessible and far-reaching.

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Feminist Parenting Groups: A New Wave of Activism

A new wave of activism is joining college campuses in the fall. The University of Kansas is hosting a feminist parenting group meant for participant to learn “strategies for raising intersectional feminist children.” The university’s Emily Taylor Center for Women & Gender Equality, emphasizes the group’s purpose as “intersectional trans-inclusive feminism” that will allow individual to advocate not only for themselves but others “through a social justice lens.” The goal is for parents to know the necessary techniques to raise children and nurture intersectional feminist youth by learning at least one new skill or resource at each meeting session.

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