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So You Think You Can Write a Best-Selling Feminist Book?

Hannah Ewens and Bertie Brandes, two former VICE writers, have published a collection of essays that aims to teach women in the U.K. three things: “1) what feminism is; 2) that it's OK to be a feminist; and 3) why we need to smash the patriarchy (with a pair of baby pink stilettos).” They have come up with some ideas and examples to show women how to rise to “She-E-O.”

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The Guide To Change: KaeLyn Rich’s “Girls Resist!”

Girls Resist! is half an introduction to intersectionality and half an actual workbook that details steps to outline plans as well as how to engage with activism. KaeLyn emphasized, “It’s the urgency of being a girl, in the broadest sense of that admittedly binary term, of being a marginalized person and knowing in your heart that you have the power to change your world.”

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How Podcasts Are Helping Women Find Their Voices

In the last year, women made up only one-third of the host/co-hosts for Apple’s Top 100 podcasts. Alexandra Adey, head of podcasts partnerships in Britain for Spotify, urged, "It's really important for us to make sure we're amplifying the voices of people who wouldn't necessarily have their voices amplified. And to get new and fresh talent into the podcasting industry."  

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