The Sisters Project Features Portraits of Muslim Women and their Realities


Alia Youssef began using her art to depict her own reality of what it means to be a Muslim woman when she was just a young teen. Now, the portrait photographer is the creator of The Sisters Project, a long-term series battling stereotypes of Muslim women . Traveling to twelve Canadian cities with 85 subjects, Youssef captures the varying lives of different Muslim women. Talking to Vice, she mentions that her inspiration started from a conversation on contemporary representation. Growing up in a post-9/11 world, she saw Muslim women in media only being viewed as silent or oppressed. The series counters this narrative, showing that Muslim women are multifaceted, inspirational, and diverse.

For Further Reading:

Alia Youssef’s work highlights Muslim women and tackles issues of gender and Islamophobia. She aims to bring positive depictions of these to women to the forefront.

Discussion Question:

What are common stereotypes that you see the media still portraying Muslim women as today?


Action Item:

Look through The Sisters Project. Find which photographed woman you relate most to.


Read more on Vice | Image: Alia Youssef 1-2