A Round Table Discussion Between Generations of Guerrilla Girls


After a male-centric exhibition premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in 1985, Guerrilla Girls—the anonymous women artist group, was formed. In a round-table discussion group with Surface, six of the members from various generations discussed everything from the start of the Guerrilla Girls to reclaiming the word “feminism” in recent years. One of the highlights of the conversation dealt with the white, patriarchal power upheld in the art world. While some of the women state that there is more diversity now than ever before, Alejandra Pizarnik adds that those at the highest level are still white men. Others topics of discussion included addressing sexual assault on college campuses and fighting for abortion rights through art. While the women are all from different age backgrounds and identities, they continuously strive to mix activism with art in the most relevant ways possible.

For Further Reading

The Guerrilla Girls have a long history of tackling discrimination in the art world. Learn more about work they have done in the past and what they continue to do today.


Discussion Question

Have you ever been so moved by an artwork that you were inspired to take action on a critical issue? Why do you think art has the power to move you in powerful ways?


Action Item

Take a look through Guerrilla Girls’ works. See which ones stand out to you the most and which ones contain information related to feminism that you did not know before.

Read more on Surface | Image: 'The Advantages Of Being A Woman Artist' (1988) by Guerrilla Girls