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A Woman’s Place

A Woman’s Place


This poem is about the intimacy of environment and femininity and learning how to find the intricate connection between the two in observation. I have always felt a deep connection to nature, and exploring it in this poem showed me just how beautifully wild it should always be. Woman, like nature, have been carved into the shapes societal tells them they should fit into, until the natural part of us kicks in and we realize that maybe, we do not have to be so straight, so cut, so small. This poem is supposed to encourage you to discover the natural aspects of your nature, and break down the societal structure we feel so confined by.

I dug up everything I’ve learned from the ground

In perfect slence,

you can hear grass sing.

Wind will billow

through the trees

and shake the flowers.

But, blades of grass play

oxygen like a violin.

Until my labrador mix

barrels through, of course.

Silencing their melodies as

she so lovingly tries to

dance among their being.

With forgiveness, the sod

cushions her ignorance.

Encourages her sniffles.

Envelops her playfulness.

I’ve even smelled their

revolution, mid-morning.

When the physical form of

industry cut and shaped them

into all they should be.

All I should be.

But, they grow again--

wild like my hair,

long like my legs.

They exist violently

in rebellion,

Filling the holes in societal

creation, spreading their

emerald infection, humbling

survival back down to a

three inch long

self-help guide

on why size

does not matter.

By Kendall Rotar.

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