Accessible Public Art and Feminism


When focusing on urban art, accessibility and storytelling have always been critical matters. Surfaces, the latest exhibit to hit Montreal’s street art scene, features a diverse group of artists sharing varying works. Two of the artists, Miss Me and Cedar Eve explore the political and personal sides of themselves and society. Miss Me’s piece makes a strong statement in today’s climate, with nude females posed with phrases such as, “IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU.” Cedar Eve looks at her own First Nations roots to produce energetic, vibrant works paying homage to her identity. The works will be open to the public at the Promenade des Artistes in the Quartier des Spectacles until October 28.


For Further Reading:

To learn more about Surfaces, visit



Discussion Question:

How does accessibility to art affect one’s understanding of politics?


Action Item:

Find an art mural in a neighborhood near you and decipher the social context behind the work.



Read more on The Concordian | Image: Mackenzie Lad