Activist Beauty Brand Lipslut Launches F*ck Kavanaugh Lipstick


Activist beauty brand Lipslut, the brain behind the F*ck Trump matte liquid lipstick, is at it again. They have just launched the F*ck Kavanaugh liquid lipstick in a perfect shade for fighting the system: Protest Red. The product was made in reaction to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Lipslut polled its Instagram following to decide what color a F*ck Kavanaugh lippe should be, ending up with a cool-toned maroon. The color is everything hotheaded Kavanaugh is not: calm, cool, and collected. From October 3rd until October 7th, Lipslut donated 100% of the proceeds from the pre-orders of the product to anti-sexual assault organizations and will continue to donate 50% from here on out. Lipslut strives to promote feminism and self-expression as they spotlight injustices at large, and the tag of their new lipstick gets right to the point: “50% for charity. 100% against sexual assault.”

Further Reading

Want more info on some of the anti-sexual assault organizations that Lipslut is donating to? Check out RAINN, NO MORE, National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, or Backlog.

Discussion Question

Makeup marketing is an unconventional but effective method of promoting the feminist agenda. Can you think of other markets in which this tactic could be explored where it normally is not?

Action Item

Preorder a F*ck Kavanaugh lipstick now! If you don’t have it in the budget right now, no worries—share the product with as many people as you can.

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