Addressing Sexual Misconduct in Photojournalism


The #MeToo movement continues to be a powerful force in today’s world, however it has not fully reached every industry yet. Premier photojournalism agency, VII, has quietly announced the resignation of photographer Antonin Kratochvil this past week. The resignation came in the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct reported by Kristen Chick. The photojournalism profession unfortunately has a history of toxic work environments towards women. Not only is there an extreme gender imbalance, there are cases of harassment at all levels. Yet more people are taking a stand, hoping to reshape the fields’ ethics and pushing agencies to be accountable for employees actions.

For Further Reading:

Read the initial report by Kristen Chick here.


Discussion Question:

How should agencies or any place or work take action when an employee is facing allegations? Do you believe that #MeToo has been the reason more codes of ethics have appeared?


Action Item:

Find resources or and support the Me Too movement.



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