Aisha Mohamed Tackling Lack of Representation Through Art


Growing up, British Somali artist Aisha Mohamed was always aware of the lack of black British history taught in schools, including black women in art history. Mohamed is not alone in this experience- too many times diverse accounts are left out of curriculums taught. To combat this, the artist took on a personal project of using photographs of women of color over classic backgrounds resembling still life paintings. The images prove the power of women of color’s contributions that need to stop going unnoticed by the public at large.

Discussion Question

How are women of color represented in art history in your experience? Are they even represented at all?

Further Reading

Look through Aisha’s Instagram page to see her artwork.

Action Item

Think of your favorite portrait or painting with people as subjects in art history. If you were to make it more inclusive, think of what it would look like instead.

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