Alabama’s Montgomery County Now Has an All-Female Board of Education


For the first time, Alabama’s Montgomery County has an all-female Board of Education after the election of four new members. One of the new members, Brenda DeRamus-Coleman, expressed her gratitude and stated, “we will represent for young women that females are viable candidates and can be effective leaders ... Hopefully, with the changing landscape of what a leader looks like, we can squash the stereotypes and shape a more positive vision of who a leader is by what a leader does rather than her race, ethnicity and gender." 44 years after Nellie Weil made history as the first woman elected to the Montgomery County Board of Education, this historic achievement signifies a new generation’s confidence in female leaders to affect positive change.

For Further Reading

Take a look at this piece from Time magazine that highlights the historic victories for women during the 2018 midterm elections.


Discussion Question

Did you vote in the recent midterm elections? What factors do you think contributed to the election of more women than ever before?


Action Item

Do some research on the Board of Education in your area and see how many women have been elected and what their goals are.


Read more on The Montgomery Advertiser | Image: Photo by Andrew Yawn