All Eyes on Me

All Eyes on Me illustration.jpg

All Eyes on Me stems from my own stress. Putting yourself out there and speaking your mind can be difficult, especially as a woman. Exposing my work, an extension of myself, to others has always been something I’ve struggled with. Often times I feel overexposed for simply posting an illustration. It’s hard to come to grips with your own mental health problems; admitting to them makes them more real

In an era where all our lives are available online, it’s hard to disappear into obscurity. Everything we do is trackable and therefore judge-able. Successes and failures can be broadcast with equal permanence. Numerous studies have been conducted on the impact of social media and life in the digital age on teenagers, the majority finding a correlation between increases in anxiety and depression and social media usage.


Author: Mary Sutton

A 17 year old coffee addict, Mary can be found in bed with a cup of coffee, watching a cheesy romantic comedy. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she self-identifies as a city girl and plans to join the University of Pittsburgh class of 2022 in the fall. In addition to rom-coms, she enjoys drawing, her Prius, and early 2000's pop music. Growing up in a male dominated environment, Mary is passionate about the gender issues that permeate all aspects of society and hopes to contribute to the conversation, especially through art.