Alumni from Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Speak Out Against Sexual Assault


A group of alumni from Brett Kavanaugh’s southern Maryland high school, Georgetown Prep, is urging fellow graduates to share any instances that they have witnessed regarding Kavanaugh’s sexual assault allegations. While some petitions have surfaced in favor of Kavanaugh’s nomination, new ones are arising from the Georgetown Prep community to support Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and victims of sexual assault everywhere. The latest petition posted by Class of 1986 graduates Fikri Yucel and Bill Barbot reads, “please do not remain silent, even if speaking out comes at some personal cost.” Yucel first posted an open letter to the Georgetown Prep community on Facebook last week, in which he vocalized his praise of Dr. Ford and the dangers of not believing the allegations of victims. As of Saturday night, 26 Georgetown Prep graduates had contributed their names to his petition.  

For Further Reading:

If you’re having a hard time following the controversy surrounding Brett Kavanaugh, take a look at this article from The New York Times that provides a clear synopsis of the past events and what is coming up next.

Discussion Question:

In the wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate hearing, members of the Georgetown Prep community have encouraged the public to ask questions and start conversations about sexual assault. Why is it important for witnesses to share stories? How can witnesses help in a sexual assault case?


Action Item:

Do your research on the Brett Kavanaugh controversy, formulate an opinion, and engage in informed conversations with your peers. There are many places online to contact Senators and sign petitions, as well.


Read more on The Intercept | Image: Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press