Amazon Fashion Strikes Out in London


While Amazon is the reigning champion of online shopping, the giant has yet to find its footing in brick-and-mortar retail. The company hosted its first fashion pop-up last week on London’s Baker Street, a venture that Forbes’ Katie Baron said might not pay off. At a moment when everyone and their mother is launching experiential retail concepts (hello, Glossier), Amazon set up shop with a relatively expected line-up of events and a confused mix of clothes. The racks, which changed every two days, featured a mish-mash of Amazon’s own brands and luxury American favorites as well as U.K. fast fashion labels. According to Baron herself, the mix looks good on paper (and probably in the mirror) but could likely “translate as a random mélange that’ll be hard pushed to hit home in any particular far corner.”

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It’s no secret we could be spending more money at smaller, niche brands rather than giants like Amazon. Next time you need something—a book, some makeup, a pair of socks—maybe skip the Prime checkout and support someone local.

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