American Film Market Unveils Diverse, Female-Led Films


After the apparent influence of the #MeToo movement on the indie film market, the American Film Market has revealed their new projects will feature female and nonwhite leads. Oftentimes, the movies released have been geared towards men as they are made by men; however, the market is making steps toward a more diverse and inclusive movie industry. Brian O’Shea of The Exchange states, “You need talent that is relevant to the younger generation and that, increasingly, is more diverse and more female. It's become commercially important because distributors want diversity.” The importance of diversity in the film industry is no longer one of solely public interest but one of beneficial business decisions as well.

For Further Reading:

Have you seen Jennifer’s Body? Read more as to how this movie was “ahead of its time.”


Discussion Question:

Why has it taken so long for media companies to accept the representation of females and minorities in major roles? Is this new introduction of diversity by some producers solely for financial gain?


Action Item:

Watch a film with a female lead or about a woman this weekend (Suggestion: RBG).


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