An Honest Review of Thinx Underwear

 Photo by Thinx.

Photo by Thinx.

ReThinxing Periods

Your first birthday party. Your first day of high school. Your first kiss. Your first period (and the first pair of underwear ruined). All but the latter are often associated with happy or exciting memories.  Yet, a woman’s first period can sometimes bring on scary, confusing, and even embarrassing questions.

Periods are a part of life for female bodies, yet periods tend to be stigmatized in a way that conjures a feeling of shame and guilt. I still get anxious when I think about getting my period unexpectedly at school and that someone might notice a stain on the back of my jeans. And I specifically remember walking around like I had a limp in middle school because I wore super-plus maxi pads (feeling more like a diaper than a sanitary product) in order to avoid possibly staining my pants.



Thinx Underwear and Make Muse

When Thinx reached out to Make Muse asking one of our team members to try a pair of their underwear, I volunteered immediately, wondering if their underwear could take away some of the stress I have around my period.

Thinx has underwear options ranging from thongs, to briefs, to high waisted and even athletic styles, and each of their styles is categorized by the amount of tampons worth of blood it can hold. Their sizes even range from a XS to 3XL making it more inclusive for all body types. I tried a pair of their high-waisted style and they are seriously the most comfortable and luxurious pair of underwear I’ve ever owned. They fit well, and eliminated my worries about ruining my clothing due to their absorbent fabric.

I wore my Thinx underwear with leggings, light colored denim and shorts, and to bed! Sleeping in them without any other form of protection was nerve-wracking, but nothing happened! I forgot I was even on my period. It’s worth noting, however, that I only used them for the lighter days of my period. During these days, I didn’t use a tampon, and I felt confident that I wouldn’t have a single close call in the form of a leak.

The verdict: Thinx work great as a comfortable and stress-free alternative replacement to tampons or pads throughout the day, and they feel a lot less invasive since the absorbent fabric is sewn within the underwear.


Thinx Underwear and a High Price Point

The only downfall of the underwear is the super high price-point, which makes it nearly impossible for lower-income women to use Thinx instead of traditional options. Ideally, you  would need to own around 5-7 pairs of Thinx underwear if you would like to wear them for each day of your cycle. And, if you chose to wear the same style as me, the price of seven pairs would be around a whopping 250 dollars.

Thinx has indicated that their underwear can last up to two years, but, if we compare the cost of two years of Thinx underwear to what the average person spends on tampons around $93 (Huffington Post) traditional sanitary products will save women over $150. From a cost perspective, there is no way that this investment makes sense.

 Photo by Thinx. 

Photo by Thinx. 

Thinx Underwear's Marketing Strategy

Aside from the high price tag, I am impressed with Thinx as a company. They are pushing boundaries by creating unique and aesthetically pleasing marketing collateral that can be seen plastered on social media and on the insides of New York subway cars. And, by placing these advertisements in key areas, they intend to start a conversation around our periods: don’t be afraid of them,  they are just a part of life.

As a marketing nerd, I love and appreciate the aesthetic of their branding. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with a body-positive company that is quickly joining the ranks of Aerie and Billie. Hopefully, as Thinx continues to grow and scale their company, their products will become more affordable for the everyday woman.

If you're interested in checking them out click here to learn more about the variety of styles, etc. Whether or not you decide to purchase a pair of Thinx, I challenge you to ReThinx your period and help fight the stigma that they are something that make women weak.

Remember- anything men can do, women can do bleeding.