The Baby-Sitters Club is “Feminist by Design”


In the 1980s, Ann M. Martin was asked by Jean Feiwel to write a book series about babysitting– later known as The Baby-Sitters Club. The series was a success; Martin still receives letters to this day. At a recent panel at Smith College, women of all ages attended ranging from college students to 40-year-old women with their children. Even though the book series can be considered “feminist by design” as it addressed “taboo” topics during its time such as divorce, mental illness, and alcoholism as well as unique female friendship dynamics, Martin says that if re-written today amidst the #MeToo movement she, “might make the characters more active and involved, politically so. I think kids today are much more politically aware … That just wasn’t something that existed — not the way it does now — when I was writing the book back in the ’80s and ’90s.”


Do you have a favorite Baby-Sitters Club book or character?

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