Ashley Abramson Talks Weight Loss in the Body Positivity Movement


Ashley Abramson is a complete body positive advocate. But what happens when a plus-sized woman who is a part of the body positivity movement decides they want to lose weight? Ashley had gained weight after having her son, and her body changed as it adapted to motherhood. She loved that her body had done such an amazing thing during her pregnancy, but she realized later that she was constantly tired, achey, and overall not feeling great. Her doctor urged her to try incorporating a fitness and healthy eating routine. Ashley wanted to but felt guilty for wanted to shed some pounds, like the desire to change her body implied that she loved it less. Some ideas of body positivity refuse to acknowledge that no one approach is right for every person. While it’s incredibly important to discuss that the “fat” body is a beautiful thing that deserves love, some people’s physical and mental health doesn’t stay well when they are too large or, alternatively, too small. Ashley is not on a mission to drop pounds - she loves her body now - but she is on a mission to feel better physically and mentally.

For Further Reading:

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Discussion Question:

When are you the most comfortable with your body? Does exercising make you feel good? Not exercising? Eating healthy? Enjoying food? Consider whether you are giving your body the love it deserves. If you aren’t, how could you improve?

Action Item:

Next time you go to judge someone’s lifestyle (eating habits, exercise habits, etc), resist the urge, and if you hear others voicing such judgement, remind them that lifestyle choices are a personal right!


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