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Ballerina Speaks Out Against the Field's Inequalities

Ballerina Speaks Out Against the Field's Inequalities

Ballet’s Feminists Step Up

Although ballet companies are predominantly filled by female performers, few women have held roles as choreographers. Even amongst the music chosen for performances, female composers are few and far between. For Ashley Bouder, ballet’s lack of inclusivity is a call to action. In her self-titled project "The Ashley Bouder Project," Bouder along with fellow principal dancer Lauren Lovette hopes to put together a more woman-centric series of performances as well as inspire change throughout the industry.

Image:  Andrea Mohin/The New York Times

Third Woman Charges Weinstein of Sexual Assault

A third woman has come forward against Harvey Weinstein, adding charges to his trial. Publicly, Weinstein has been accused of over 70 women, two of whom have recently brought him to court. Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, said, "This indictment is the result of the extraordinary courage exhibited by the survivors who have come forward." If he is found guilty, the new indictment could add a minimum of ten years (maximum of life in prison) to his sentence.

Image: Reuters

‘Defining Form’: Non-Conformity, Politics, and Contemporary Art

In Untitled Space’s latest exhibition over fifty artists’ work has come together to explore feminism, gender, and politics in a mix of figurative and abstract art. ‘Defining Form’ explores a mix of experiences and ideologies with unique and contemporary art forms to showcase the voices of those who have been previously shunned by the art world. The exhibit seeks to challenge the status quo by addressing themes of resistance and progressivism while also displaying the impact of pop culture on the art world. ‘Defining Form’ will be on view at the Untitled Space gallery in New York City from July 11th until August 1st.

Image: Jennifer Dwyer, Kelsey Bennett, Zac Hacmon – DEFINING FORM Exhibit Artwork, The Untitled Space Gallery, New York – July 11, 2018

Songwriter Teddy Geiger Embracing Her Identity

Teddy Geiger, 21-year-old songwriter who has written music for One Direction, Icona Pop, and Shawn Mendes, has recently come out to her fans as a transgender woman. While she is still in the process of transitioning, Mendes has already noticed a new radiance and joy exhibited by Geiger in her embracing her true identity, stating, "There was this electricity running through her." Geiger is regarded as an expert in the industry, and her success and talent has proven to be an inspiration for LGBTQ+ youth who might feel their identity has to hold them back. 

Image: Ryan Pfluger for The New York Times

Hannah Gadsby Confronts Trauma with Comedy in Nanette

Hannah Gadsby's newest comedy special, Nanette, which is available on Netflix, has creating a rift in the comedy world for the new ways in which it approaches "pain as punchline." Gadsby's jokes, while funny, are confrontational, meant to make you think about society and reality, such as commenting on being unwelcome as a lesbian woman in Tazmania or about the state of women in society. "The humor is in the way she tells it; the humor is her choice. She is making the decision to make it comedy. She could make another choice instead." of

Image: Netflix

When Sarcasm met Art

It’s been 29 years since the Guerilla Girls first protested the Metropolitan Museum of Arts’ lack of women artists with their punchy “Do women have to be naked to get into the Met. museum?” protest project, but their message is just as relevant today. Although the number of female artists represented in the museum has risen from 5% to 6%, women artists are still drastically underrepresented on the Met’s walls. However, the Badass Bitches Museum Tour seeks to celebrate that 6% by calling attention to their work, accentuating the tour with sarcastic comments and fun little games. By pointing out the under-discussed works, the tour gives people the chance to interact with women artists on a more personal level and exposes their art to a new audience. The tour is available in a variety of cities including New York and L.A.. For more information, visit

Image: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Connecting Women to Nature

Connecting Women to Nature

We Need to Change How We’re Socializing and Educating Young Girls

We Need to Change How We’re Socializing and Educating Young Girls