Becoming a Plus-Sized Burlesque Dancer


Ginger Snaps, also known as Wendy Sanders is a 36-year-old plus sized woman based out of Austin, Texas. When she was in college, she started taking dance classes and eventually turned to YouTube videos to learn more about burlesque and taught herself before gaining the courage to join a local dance troupe. The first time she performed live, she was hooked. The confidence it gave her was like nothing else, and she has been performing for nine years - adding skills along the way like aerial performance. Working as a burlesque performer and teaching it to others has made her life so much richer, and allowed her to express herself physically and embrace how beautiful her plus-sized body is, while also use her previous experience as a makeup artist for her performances. She says that as a larger lady, some dance moves don’t work for her.  She says that doesn’t matter to her - she does moves that work for her body instead, just like any other performer would. Ginger says they are actually many plus-sized performers out there, but nobody wants to promote them through media. She encourages fellow performers to continue working on the craft and to not let being plus sized stop you.

For Further Reading

Check out more plus-sized performers you can support here.

Discussion Question

Why do you think people are so eager to tell plus sized bodies that they need to lose weight and are unhealthy, but so uncomfortable with them doing healthy activities like dancing, having sex, or working out? Discuss.

Action Item:

The stigma against fat women engaging in physical or sexually charged activity is prominent in our media. Support, engage with, and uplift plus-sized performers like Ginger Snaps, as much as possible. See a plus sized woman posting about working out or sex? Like and comment! See a plus sized woman at the gym? Give her a smile. Every level of support helps.

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