Behind The Feminist Murals All Around London


A series of murals of feminist icons have been placed all across London in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the UK’s first laws giving many women the right to vote. The murals contain 50 women from the past (such as Sojourner Truth and Sophia Duleep Singh) and present (Malala Yousafzai) who have played a role in the fight for equal rights. The artists behind the murals, Scarlett Curtis and Alice Wroe, hope to show that feminism has always been around, and women today are still working or a better future. Wroe says, "To have these women’s names and faces in such public places means they can slip into or consciousness, that their lives will be talked about, that their stories will permeate the city and inspire us all.”

For Further Reading

Scarlett Curtis is the curator of Feminist’s Don’t Wear Pink, a book and exhibition that looks at the gap between feminism on social media and in scholarly texts. Alice Wroe is the creator of Herstory, a project engaging the public with women’s history. To look at the murals, scroll through the Instagram page of the movement.

Discussion Question

Who is your feminist icon and why? Are they shown in the murals?


Action Item

Take a moment to learn about a women from the past or present who fought for equal rights. Learn what they did and how their contributions continue today.

Read more on Refinery29| Image: From Feminists Instagram Page