Being Gender Non-Conforming at a Women’s College


At Agnes Scott College, a women’s liberal arts school in Decatur, Georgia, an openly transgender and gender non-conforming student named Tyler* is making history. Their graduation comes during an era in which transgender and gender non-conforming students compose a growing number of the student population at traditionally women’s colleges in the United States. The Princeton Review ranked Agnes Scott College number four on a list of the most LGBTQ friendly colleges, but students like Tyler explain that universities across the country still have a long way to go in the direction of inclusivity. While schools like Agnes Scott have made great strides (as numerous universities previously denied admission to transgender students), Tyler says they still fear the discriminatory practices of many workplaces towards LGBTQ individuals.

*Name has been changed in Refinery29 article

For Further Reading

Check out this article from Vox which breaks down the transgender student policies at many of the women’s colleges in the United States.


Discussion Question

Have you seen any notable progress towards inclusivity in your school or workplace for the LGBTQ community?


Action Item

Look at the demographic breakdown of your school, and learn about what policies they have in place to promote and encourage diversity.


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