Bella Thorne Sports Armpit Hair on the Red Carpet


On Tuesday, October 2nd, Bella Thorne attended the red carpet screening of I Still See You in L.A. Although many activists have been showing off team #NoShave, Bella is one of the only influencers that is consistent about not shaving and thinks it’s important that her fans know she’s not doing it for attention—it’s an act of self-acceptance. Thorne has been taking this stance for over a year now and is overall a self-love icon, continuously posting on her Instagram and Snapchat pictures of her makeup-less or even donning acne cream. In 2017, when she posed for GQ, she even requested that the magazine leave her photos completely untouched. Her confident stroll down the red carpet for this premiere was by no means a new move for Bella, but it is still a huge score for body positivity.

Further Reading

Another influencer who has been showing off unshaven armpits is Ashley Graham. Check out this article about Graham here!

Discussion Question

Have you ever considered joining team #NoShave? Why or why not? Consider societal pressures and any enjoyment you get out of actually shaving.

Action Item

Next time you see a woman who doesn’t shave, if you have a chance, let her know how awesome she is! It’s incredibly brave to love yourself in a world that wants women to be smooth and flawless.


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