Meditation's Sex Benefits


A survey conducted by the University of British Columbia and published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, discovered that women who meditate have more gratifying and pleasurable sexual lives. The study, which focused on 451 women aged between 19 and 70, found that women who practice meditation score higher in their experiences of sexual function, sexual desire, and internal body awareness. Meditating has been proven to lower stress levels and positively contribute to overall mood. The improvements brought by meditation seem to have an impact on women’s sexual satisfaction, as a more relaxed mind leads to healthier sexual lives. Mindfulness and meditation, in fact, lower cortisol levels related to stress, enabling us to better handle demanding situations. Sexual pleasure is an important element to our overall wellness. Meditation can not only improve our mood, but can also contribute to more satisfying sexual experiences.

Discussion Question

Have you ever tried meditation?

Further Reading

Women who are more relaxed seem to lead better sex lives. To read more this you can check out this study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. .

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Taking care of our mental health and controlling our stress levels can significantly improve our lives. Meditating can be a quick and affordable way to check in with ourselves and practice mindfulness. Check out this website or this one and give meditation a try!

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