Betsy DeVos and Department of Education Accused of Sexism in New Title IX Rules


This month, the Department of Education will roll out new Title IX rules. Leading up to the release, Secretary Betsy DeVos and her colleagues have been accused of sexism in their policy decisions. The plaintiffs claim that the Department of Education consulted groups who made excessive use of inflated statistics about false rape allegations. The case was originally dismissed by the judge who said that the plaintiffs could not challenge guidance. However, it has recently been re-submitted with reports from Freedom of Information Acts, which the plaintiffs aim to use as evidence of sexism in their case.

For Further Reading:

Take a look at this helpful list from the NCAA of frequently asked questions related to Title IX.


Discussion Question:

Given the controversy surrounding Betsy DeVos and her colleagues, what steps do you think should be taken to ensure fair and just Title IX rules?


Action Item:

Schools and workplaces should have Title IX coordinators and policies and processes specific to that space. Do your research so you know what the process looks like and see if there is any room for improvement.


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