Big Dick Energy? More like Big Bush Energy


Everyone has heard the term Big Dick Energy—a concept turned meme about men with “big dicks” giving off a particular attitude or vibe. So what about Big Bush Energy? What about the women out there with an undeniable aura of confidence and poise? Why are only men getting a viral meme about their natural prowess? It’s time to talk about the women who have the confidence to embrace their natural body hair, whether that’s under their arms, on their legs, or between their thighs. The common belief that women with body hair are “ungroomed” or “dirty” is perpetuated by both popular media and societal beauty standards. For a woman to not just embrace her natural hair, but to show it off and discuss it proudly in public, requires a huge amount of bravery, self-love, and confidence.

For Further Reading

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Discussion Question

Think about your own personal grooming habits. Are you comfortable with them? Do you wish you could change them but are scared of being judged? If you’re unhappy, consider if a change in habits would make your life better in any way.


Action Item

There is a huge stigma in young female culture against body hair—particularly pubic hair. Many jokes, remarks, and conversations among young women and men discuss the matter and often put down the idea of having anything other than a completely bare vagina. Have you ever heard this kind of rhetoric? Despite your own personal grooming preferences, try to shut down that conversation. Body hair is a personal choice! There is no one “right” way.


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