Black Lives Matter Launches Fashion Platform


Black Lives Matter—arguably the most iconic activist movement to emerge from the U.S. in last decade—is taking its activism to a new realm: the design scene. On November 1st, Black Lives Matter leader Patrisse Cullors launched the BLM Arts+Culture platform—a bona-fide fashion and e-commerce destination with pop-up stores and capsule collections. The initiative will spotlight emerging African-American designers and artists and is described by Cullors as means to “uplift artists who are staging cultural interventions and changing the world through their work.” One-hundred percent of the proceeds from sales will go towards supporting the movement and the nearly 40 Black Lives Matter chapters. As of now, the platform’s range include tote bags, mugs, logo T-shirts, hats, and even baby onesies.

For Further Reading:

It’s an interesting time for brands with ideology. Read Racked’s take on capitalism and social justice in the fashion industry.


Discussion Question:

Are you excited about BLM Arts+Culture? How do you feel about an activist movement launching an e-commerce platform?


Action Item:

The BLM Arts+Culture platform is a great example of “putting your money where your mouth is.” With the holiday season approaching, think about scooping up some gifts from the BLM initiative—you’ll be showering your loved ones with beautiful items and giving back to an important cause.


Read more on Hollywood Reporter | Image: BLM Arts+Culture