Black Women Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory are Reclaiming Self-Care


Lauren Ash and Deun Ivory are the inspiring women behind the wellness platform Black Girl in Om. The website is a digital safe space specifically dedicated to women of color. It is aimed at changing the modern representations of wellness, putting at its forefront Black women, and reshaping the ways they are visually depicted in modern media. Black Girl in Om also guides women of color on a journey to discover the ways they can incorporate self-care into their lives and reach balance, strength, and peace. This Black women-founded and focused platform reclaims wellness and redirects self-care practices to women of color, who, in a world of systemic oppression, could benefit greatly.

For Further Reading:

If you are interested in knowing more about Black Girl in Om you can check out their website here and read all about this amazing digital space.

Discussion Question:

Have you ever noticed that most wellness platforms mainly depict white women engaging in self-care practices?


Action Item:

Find and support Black women-owned self care platforms. BGIO or Dear Black Women are great places to start.



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